Faye Sullivan

Lowcountry Artist


Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy sampling some of my work.  Please be sure to visit my online gallery. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions, or would like to inquire about my work.




About Me

I grew up in Martinsville, Virginia and graduated with a BFA from East Carolina University.

I continued my art journey through teaching. I taught art for 39 years at the High School level in Framingham Mass. Unfortunately, by the end of each teaching day there was little time or energy left for me to paint. Happily now that I am retired I have the luxury to paint in oils full time.

I believe that painting is a form of problem solving. Each new vista brings forth a new set of challenges, whether it is color, composition, light or mood.

All can be equally complex and rewarding. In my attempt to solve these dilemmas, I have decided to try limiting myself to paint things relating to water, such as, marsh, ocean, boats and sunsets. These subjects seem to draw my interest the most.

 Now that I live at the ocean, I am amazed daily by the ever changing moods of the ocean, sky, and clouds. Learning to see makes my life far richer, exciting, and fulfilling.